About me

When I was young, my parents never asked me what I wanted for my birthday. Instead they asked me which book I wanted for my birthday! So I grew up with a great love of reading and writing, in a house of overflowing book shelves.

I made up stories every night in bed.  First I thought of a word, or a simple situation. Then I worked out a story to match, and wrote the story in my head until I fell asleep. I must have written hundreds and hundreds of stories over the years, but there weren’t many I put on paper. I wrote a play for my primary school all about a peasant girl, but I spelled it wrongly and it came out as pheasant girl, which really confused my teacher. I wrote fairy stories too, but I expect they were terrible.

I have a great love for both history and fantasy, and have written many books of both kinds, often including both history and fantasy in the same story. Most of these books have been written for adults, but I love to write for children of varying ages.

And so the new Bannister’s Muster series began. It also combines history with fantasy, mystery and adventure. I have written three so far and intend having six in this series, and I am enjoying every minute.

Although I was born in England, now I live in Australia amongst the kangaroos, koalas, huge lizards and thousands of parrots. This is a great way to encourage my imagination, and I still love to dream. Sometimes my characters come to me in dreams, and so they seem very real. I could almost invite Nathan to dinner one day. I’m sure he would come.